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    I don’t know how much of what I want to say is spoilers, so I’ll post it here. 

    How interesting is this investigation/cover up of EJ’s shooting going to be?!  I am excited.  First you have Rafe, who is so honest I don’t know how he’s going to lie or what plausible story he’ll come up with for quitting the FBI.  Then there’s Will, who apparently saw Sami leave the Manse with a gun in hand.  He hates EJ and doesn’t want his mom to get in trouble, so I’m sure he’ll side with her and understand why she did it.  And of course Kate, who hates Sami, but probably won’t blow the whistle about their conversation for two reasons.  1) If she turns in Sami, she’s turning against Will and 2) She knows if Stefano finds out she warned Sami and set it in motion, who knows what he’ll do to her!

    I guess Arianna is also going to find out and then get run over by a car before she can tell anyone.  That begs the question, who would run her down?  DaysCafe makes it sound like it’s not an accident.

    When EJ wakes up, he won’t remember what happened, but I wonder what all he will remember about his non-wedding day and what his persona will be, good or evil?  Will he be remorseful for what he did or out for revenge for what happened to him?  

    I can already see the scene, though.  Rafe & Sami’s wedding: either the DiMeras take a shot at her or she is dragged to jail in wedding dress and handcuffs.  Who wants to bet?


    her and Rafe’s wedding.  Of which I am going to "just love" Sami walking down the aisle for the 12th time and still not being married at the end of the walk – enough with this writers! 

    Sami will join Hope in jail.   That’s why they needed a new female warden, (if they recast the first recast warden who hadn’t even shown up).  Stephano will try and "off" Sami for what she did though.  He will never let her get to trial.  Daniel may have more customers at the hospital.

    I think it’s tooooooo bad that they are going to have Arianna run over to get her off the show.  They did a car run over scene with John Black, and Bo/Hope’s child.  Why not just have her leave town?  Move to London or Switzerland.  However, if it is a woman who does run over Arianna (Nicole???), then there’s another Salem woman in jail for the warden.  I think it would be a hoot for all three of them to be in the same cell together…the writers could go on for months with all three eventually planning a break out!  Just wishing.


    So who hits Ari? Is is Sami the shooter or is there another shooter who really committed the crime? Did Will run her down to protect his mom? Could it be Rafe–afraid he will lose Sami?  It seems too easy that Sami did it, although I think she thinks she did!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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