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    With how Leo taking out on the ambiguous gay duo & the DeMira couple. As well as Brady, Chloe. They did have Leo rendering Sonny unconscious, carrying him to Sonny’s bed, stripping him & sending the content to Will.

    Then they had no story at all for Sonny’s nightmare as to where HortStark called each other pookie & in bed with each other.

    Then they had played up another non-existent story to give Clyde an alibi & it holds water, & he’s out from under the murder charges.

    They could do that again, can’t they, where Lucas robs the DeMira estate by stealing a liquor bottle, seeing Leo, & he sees the knife & in fighting with Leo, Leo slashes Lucas’ hand, in his drunken stupor, collapses, Leo goes up to Abs’ room, starts to steal her jewels, he hides, then he comes out & is caught by Abigail, he knifes her to death & steals the rest of the jewels & he carries Lucas back to his motel room. With what Leo had done to Lucas’ son-in-law, your going to tell me that Leo couldn’t have done with Lucas?

    Remember, they did have Allie hypnotized to remember her rape by Charlie, which never happened, because his mother was in no condition to tell him anything as to where Tripp had went off to, right, they can have Marlena hypnotize Lucas into remember he’s drunken encounter with Leo that resulted with his hand getting cut, now can’t they?


    I think anything is possible and I’m sure in the end, Lucas will not be the killer. I’d prefer Leo be the killer because I hate his character and I would like him off the show. He adds nothing to any storylines.


    What I find odd that is that no one knows at all that Leo was in the DeMira Homestead the night that Abigail was offed, don’t you think?

    Then this: With how they had put it out there that Abs isn’t staying dead down the line, but they kill her off just because she wants to focus her family life?

    We saw that happen when Massey had told the wrong people that he wanted to focus on his education & when he told the wrong people, they went ahead off his recast’s Will & yet they bring him back alive to play up of what Rolf & Susan had done to Will’s mind.

    So to my opinion, they better keep Abigail dead & gone & never have her return, because if they do bring her back alive, Leo gets off & do we need that?

    Think about it, if they bring her back alive & well, that means that there was no need for any of what they have been playing out, meaning the mystery as to who had killed Abby, don’t you think?

    It’s like throwing away their best work, meaning, with how Massey, Boatman, Arnold, Sweeney, Flynn, look at how they masterfully played it up for when they saw Sweeney’s Sami go ballistic, it throws away Hall’s performance with Sweeney’s Sami after the fall-out all that was thrown away by bring Abs back down the line, now wouldn’t it, so was there a need for it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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