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    Let me know of this: With how Dimitri had seen the miracle of birth, so to speak, & with Leo delivering the child & he was the one who told Dimitri to take the child to the hospital & also to save himself as well, once Eric & Marlena had learned that he became a dad & they throw a celebration for Eric & Sloan being parents, will they go there, where Dimitri grows a conscience & hearing Leo wanting Dimitri to save himself, that who babysits the child i.e. Trask, that Dimitri leaves her hog-tied, so to speak, takes the child & gives him back to EJ & Nicole & has EJ to get immunity for Dimitri & Leo in return for nailing Sloan & Trask’s ass into the fire, so to speak? I know that Leo is Leo, but still, the Leo that I see, I see a lot of Will in him. When Will thought that Sonny had killed Nick, he was willing to sacrifice himself for Sonny, i.e. signing a false confession i.e. Leo telling Dimitri to save himself, talk about being equilateral with Will when he thought who had killed Nick, right?

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