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    Do they or do they not need Kristen to bury Gabi. Remember, the reason as to why Kristen needed Gabi to stay in the CEO position. The reason why is so she can destroy Gabi, herself, but still, she could easily have gotten help from her brothers to help her with it, so where’s the story to explain as to why she doesn’t want their help with it?

    This pertains to Jake: He knows very well as to what his brother, Stefan has done, but yet he’s sooooooooooooooooo-willing to turn himself into his brother that he desperately wants to get out of his brother’s shadow?

    So what’s the point of Eli arresting Kristen.

    Or is it so her lawyer would be able to play up the conflict of interest that Trask has with his or her client that could get Kristen off?

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