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    Sometime ago, when Will had gotten the file that he & Paul had gotten. Will presented it to Sonny, this was at the time that Leo went in for the kill & strangled Will, well, that file that Sonny had taken a look at was the reveal of Leo’s real name. His real name is Matthew Cooper. Was there Emily O’Brien’s Gwen on the scene then? So explain the lack of story that has her knowing Leo’s bio-name, Matthew Cooper?

    Then, when it was brought up of Craig knowing about the prostitution, the Alamain Peacock, explain to me where’s the story has to how he knew of it?

    Then, in the episode of April 13, 2022, Justin presented the divorce papers to Craig & Nancy, yes, Justin is Nancy’s lawyer, but still, I kind of doubt that Justin would be willing to allow Craig to marry Leo by writing up the divorce papers, given as to what Leo did to his son, Jackson, now would he?

    I don’t know if this will be answered or not, but I hope that it does.


    I’m guessing Gwen knows Leo from way back before she came to Salem, probably back in Philadelphia.

    Since the whole Alamaine Peacock thing only happened on Peacock network, and not everyone saw that, it will probably be divulged that Leo told Craig about it.

    I think Justin just did his job for Nancy. He doesn’t get to form an opinion of Craig and Leo. And even if he did, he’s Nancy’s lawyer. She asked him to drop up divorce papers and that’s what he did.


    What I’m getting is that Emily O’Brien wasn’t hired to play Gwen at the time that Paul & Will had gotten the file from John, the same file that showed to Freddie Smith’s Sonny the true identity, so the question arises where’s the story for Gwen to know the real identity NOW, given as to when Will had shown the file to Sonny of the true identity.

    Do you really think that Leo would tell Craig anything about the Alamainian Peacock, given that it’s over & done with & bears no repeating of it now?

    With how Leo was once Justin’s son-in-law & knows of what Leo is capable of, Justin has every right to form an opinion of Leo & Craig, given that it’s in Nancy’s place of what she had told Craig on the April 14th of 2022, when she brought up of what she knows about Leo & what everyone else knows about Leo, he would get what’s coming to him if he keeps acting like an ostrich with it’s head in the sand.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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