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    How did Alex know that London venture that Sonny was eyeing being a trap for Sonny, given that Akex had no clue of that London venture before he brought it up to Victor?

    Where’s the story that had Victor bringing up that he went digging around to learn as to who had bought London venture that Alex had no clue about?

    Adrienne had the killer instinct because she won her breast cancer fight.

    Sonny has the killer instinct, remember, the two years that Will was presumed dead. He had spied on Deimos, fired the employees that Deimos hired. He had the killer instinct when he & Brady tried to rescue an abducted Joey Donovan. He had the killer instinct when it came to the smuggled purses that had illegal microchips in them, why doesn’t Victor know of this?

    With how Sonny went ballistic on Victor in throwing Will away & letting him think that he had killed Adrienne, why is Victor so willing to do that again, by siccing a spy on him, who ends up being Sonny’s own brother. Victor needs to remember that he did this more than once which resulted with the first time being the botched hit on Clyde that led to Sonny’s stabbing & them getting on Vivian’s bad side that allowed her to sic Leo onto Sonny?

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