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    grow as a character?  At least he acknowledged what we all see as her own worst enemy but Ken I believe, thinks that is just amazingly cute of her character – no matter that it drives the rest of us insane (for at least three of the last 15 years Sami’s been doing the same ol’ schtick). 

    I suppose we should really enjoy the next two years (perhaps three)…no matter how they write the story lines…given that 45 years is a big milestone and we should perhaps get ourselves all ready for the inevitable…

    On the very bright side of the interview…he kind of did say that "MAYBE", "perhaps", "could be", "possibly" my beloved John and Marlena could return.  Oh be still my heart!!!!!

    And I so don’t agree with him (even though Ken gets the actual and official numbers), that it’s an 18-34 core group who watches Days…I think we are (core group) is just a tad wee bit older….



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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