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    Sami stole a wire from John. An “official one” so Lucas can get the truth from Nicole
    Nicole is emailing Eric about how she slept with Xander
    Sami is trying to convince Lucas to get Nicole to “tell him she’s a whore.”
    Chanel told Paulina the blueprints look like they’re for one big building
    Paulina said those blueprints are for a different project in Miami “You know Mary, she’s always messing things up.” A Paris, Texas mention too!
    Chanel tells Paulina she is 100% committed to her bakeryNicole doesn’t know how much longer she can live like this
    Nicole said if she sends this email it will be the end of her marriage
    Lucas doesn’t want to be a part of any more of Sami’s schemes
    Lucas wants Sami to stop obsessing over this “Is this because Nicole cheated on Eric or because you cheated on EJ
    Xander is in Snyder’s face, and wants him to leave Gwen out of it
    Snyder told Xander that Gwen has a secret about her miscarriage
    Gwen covers with Kayla
    Xander tells Snyder that Gwen is his business because she’s the daughter of his best friend
    Xander threatens Snyder and leaves
    Abe thinks what Eric and Nicole have been through would’ve torn most part couples apart. Their love just got stronger. He brings up their wedding and Nicole says how perfect it was
    Lucas thinks Sami is obsessing over Nicole’s infidelity so she doesn’t have to deal with her own. He says she’s projecting “What are you my mother now?”
    Sami is crying that she can’t even look herself in the mirror over what she did. She thinks EJ is going to take one look at her and know what she did. Lucas suggests being honest
    Sami said that EJ will never forget her
    Sami said she loves EJ and she doesn’t understand how she could hurt him like this. Lucas says maybe she’s also in love with him
    Snyder calls Gwen and tells her to make her friend stop threatening him
    Xander walks in and Gwen is angry
    Paulina thinks that Chanel has a lot of good ideas for the bakery, but she’s worried. She tells her one of her besties is helping
    Chanel wants to sell her grandma‘s sweet potato pie
    Chanel is going to the store to get the ingredients, and she and Paulina are going to make the pie
    Chanel kisses Paulina goodbye, and Paulina looks guilty
    Nicole thinks marriage might not be for her, and they talk about how strong Abe and Lexie’s marriage was
    Abe mentions Stefano’s presence in his and Lexie’s life, and Nicole brings up Brandon’s role. Abe talks about how hard Lexie’s infidelity was
    Abe said the lie would’ve destroyed their marriage
    Lucas said that all EJ does is shut Sami down and push her away
    Lucas said it takes two to make a marriage work, and all he sees is Sami alone in her marriage
    Terrific Abe and Nicole conversation about Lexie’s affair with Brandon
    Marlena/Allie, Abe/Nicole and Sami/Lucas all having heartfelt conversations this week. Years and years of legacy characters and history here
    Kayla asks Snyder for Gwen’s file. She says that she is her husband’s niece, and she told him she would pay special attention to her
    Gwen is really upset with Xander
    Xander tells Gwen he knows about her miscarriage
    Chanel bought some glittery aprons
    Chanel thanks Paulina for the tough love to get her act together
    Paulina tells Chanel there’s something she has to tell her
    Lucas: “We have been in love with each other since we were kids, and now that we’re older we’re the best versions of ourselves.
    Sami slips and talked about what she in EJ had. Lucas catches that she’s talking past tense about EJ
    Snyder said he has no problem with Kayla accessing her niece’s records. He says he didn’t get a chance to put it in the system yet
    Gwen told Xander never to bring up her miscarriage again
    Xander said he helped Sarah raise her baby for a year, and he’s not saying it’s the same thing but he can imagine just a little bit what Gwen is going through. He offers his help with Snyder
    Paulina tells Chanel that she is very proud of her, and she knows she and the bakery will be the biggest thing to ever hit Salem
    Nicole decides not to send the email. She saves it as a draft
    Lucas think what they have is amazing and he would like to get it back. “I’m giving you the Lucas eyes. Is it working
    Sami is just about to answer Lucas, and there’s a knock at the door. It’s EJ

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