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    I know that this is a soap opera. All of the characters are fictional. Played masterfully & brilliantly by the actors who play these characters. But, what I’m getting at is what happens when they learn of how & why the pardons are in place, wouldn’t that backfire on the people who were pardoned & put them back into prison, so isn’t it futile to grant the pardons?

    This will allow anyone under the sun to take it out on Paulina. Yes, I know that she has no clue at all that the man who put the pardons in place is an Orpheus employee. but still, Paulina was the one to had to meddle into Abe’s career in order to invite the guy, I kind of doubt that they will focus on what she doesn’t know, all they would focus on is that she meddled into Abe’s job to allow the guy to help Abe & who is his colleague-in-crime is, Orpheus. This would have the investigation of Abs’ murder to end, because all they would focus on are the people that are pardoned. so was it a wise move to play up these pardons?

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