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    They come back from Italy next week and they are married!


    Since spoilers are welcome here, how’s this: when Johnny puts it out there that he doesn’t want Chanel anymore, Allie is there for Chanel to cry on, they end up in the throes of passion with each other.

    To me, this is the one story that they should never have done, because With Chanel & Johnny being husband & wife, & they are legally married, this means that Chanel cheated on Johnny with his sister & can you imagine what the board-members & shareholders of DiMera would do with that, given as to what the sexual harassment charges did to Sonny, when he told Victor that he had relations with Leo, he was fired from Titan. This could cause Chad losing his job given that he’s the remaining CEO of his family’s business, & as to why E.J. lost his job, hence, the kidnapping charges.


    Johnny doesn’t work for Dimera. Chanel isn’t an employee or board member either. Chanel and Allie are business partners. Your theory doesn’t make sense. And yes, Chanel and Allie are going to end up in bed together, but I think the fallout will come when Johnny is no longer possessed and Tripp finds out what happened between them.


    I understand that Johnny doesn’t work for Di Mera & that Chanel is not an employee, what I’m getting at is the scandal. Meaning, that the scandal is the only thing that they will focus on. Yes, E.J. is no longer the CEO, but still, what I’m getting at is that as long as Satan possesses Johnny, it will sink Di Mera, because of Johnny’s actions, that’s what happened to Sonny at Titan.

    Victor, he turned Vivian down flat with a business move of hers.
    Vivian ghosted Sonny in pretending to be Leo.
    Leo, he got Sonny into bed, then got it on with him in front of
    a camera.
    Leo’s actions, led to Will being strangled. Then the attempted
    murder charges.
    Ted’s actions blackmailed Will & Sonny.
    Leo: He showed up alive & blackmailed Sonny into marriage.
    Chad & Kate: they both allowed Sonny to go down for attempted murder, & the sexual harrassment charges & covered it up.

    Was Victor’s actions caused by Sonny?
    Was Vivian’s actions caused by Sonny?
    Was Leo’s actions caused by Sonny?
    How about Ted’s actions, or ChadAte’s actions for that matter?

    Why is it that their actions that are caused by them, Sonny’s at fault for ?

    What I’m getting as it that Chanel is now one of the Di Mera wives & her actions with her husband’s sister will have disastrous results to her new family’s business, especially with what it will do to the family business, when they learn that Chad & Kate covered for Lucas’ actions, can you imagine of what that will do the family business, once Chin learns that they were conspiring with Lucas to bring E.J. down & that Chad is the sole CEO, that would certainly allow GabAkeIctor the Di Mera business, now wouldn’t it ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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