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    I was concerned they would do a one day funeral with a couple flashbacks and call it good.  But, I watched 2 weeks of shows last night (FF thru everything not "Alice" related) and it really struck me what lengths they have gone to to please the fans.  SO many family members, and extended family, that agreed to return to pay homage.  Some, like Marie and Melissa, that I had never seen.  Plus seeing them so young in the flashbacks of Alice giving each comfort or advice.  I can’t say this has jump started me back into daily viewing, but I’m satisfied they have done their best to give Alice Horton one of the best tributes in soap opera history.


    Agreed.  I have watched everything Alice related, also.  I will go back to my not watching afterwards, but I have watched since the very early 70’s, and I think she was everyone’s ‘Gran’.

    Ms. Jake

    I hope they run with this successful reunion…


    Days doesn’t have the budget for all those great actors/characters anymore.

    So we’re stuck with what we’ve got :(



    I was thinking that they could make some of those characters similar to Abe, Lexie, etc where we only get to see them about once/month.  Then at least they’d be part of the storyline with minimal cost impact.  This would work for any of them who are still in LA but not heavily committed to other projects.


    Doug and Julie are another example of a couple who pop in from time to time.  It’s always great to see them  when they come back it makes you realize what a great job they do.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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