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     That so many were missing from hanging their ornaments. I’m sure it was due to covid etc. I just thought Maggie, Sarah, Will (being in town especially), Lucas… definitely a letdown.


     fimed segments with fewer actors hanging the ornaments and edited them together to at least look like more were there.  


    The ornament hanging is one of my favorite things they do on the show. I think it likely IS Covid that prevented them from having so many actors on the set, but I still really missed a full house!


     Covid has train wrecked everything. Today, it’s just Mom and me for Christmas. SIL caught covid. Other family members work around lots of people. We are not risking anyone bring Covid in to Mom. We will do a Family Zoom session at 2 pm today.

    We had most of our presents here. Brother and SIL who has Covid are waiting till there is no chance of her passing it to us to bring our presents.

    I have a turkey cooking in the oven. I have not made a turkey in YEARS, so I hope it comes out okay.


    The ornament episode has been one of my favorites for as long as I have watched the show.   this year was the fewest ever in the house for it.   as some have mentioned, it most likely was COVID related (forgot about that).   still loved it this year. 


    California has some regulations in place regarding the number of actors can be on one set. When they went back to work in September, it was two. There was a scene with three people, I think Chad, Abby, and Kate, and they actually had to edit it because they really only had two people in at a time. I’m sure they can have more people now, but it’s still a very limited number.  

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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