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    those two little ones playing Sydney.  Their facial expressions are too cute!  Sometimes the way they use their eyes, it’s like they’re flirting with someone! And that little pouty mouth…they are precious!   I look forward to every scene they are in.



    What is it that the babies are always chewing?  It seems that the babies on "Days" have always been eating cookies or something – remember Claire?


     they are totally aware of the dialogue going on around them.  I wonder if there is an editor doing really good cuts of the facial expressions?  I thought they gave the kids something to chew on so they wouldn’t talk and interrupt the scenes.


    Sydney is definitely the most interesting thing to watch on this show.


    I agree. They steal the scenes. I hope they keep these same twins on the show until they are grown!


    Those are darling little babies, maybe they keep the kid’s chewing on stuff to keep them quiet or they are

    teething?  One thing I was hoping for during all the adults arguing, crying, threatening each other, that when the

    baby is in the crib, playpen or stroller that the actor or actress is only doing their scenes to an empty playpen and

    then the camera cuts to the smiling Sydney ~ I would think the Salem folks would scar the children for life with all

    the strife and angst!


    When the girls were first born, I thought Grace was much cuter than Sydney, but she has certainly grown on me.  She is just the cutest thing darn thing. 

    I read somewhere that scenes with only the babies are shot independent of the other actors.  What they do is take time out and film lots of things trying to get them to react (probably with her real mother). 

    Yes, her eyes bring a lot to her "acting."  I guess maybe the credit should be going to the editor.


    They are probably giving them Cherrios.  Isn’t that the ultimate baby pacifier these days.


    There was a wrenching scene with Nicole and I think Gabby on the pier where Nicole was sobbing and Sydney was cooing and smiling away, doing the "motorboat" drumming her fingers on her mouth. Cracked me up! I can’t believe the two actresses didn’t break character.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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