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    In Salem years, maybe 25? I don’t know, but wish they would bring the characters of Shawn D. and Belle back(with Clair in tow). I enjoyed Shawn’s fire and Belle was always the good girl on the edge of going bad. After all, his mom is in prison: what better reason to have Shawn back to remind his dad that he has a family (besides that little cutie Ciera) to consider(it’s time for the Bo/Carly thing to end.


    younger brother was killed, Mrs. H passed away or his father underwent major surgery…I would think that would be a compelling reason to return (even if they came back as other actors).


    Shawn was here when Zack died.  I remember him being very angry with Chelsea.  I can’t remember exactly when he left.  I know it was when John was still not himself because he bought them a boat but it wasn’t really explained why, it seemed awkward.  


    Even thought John couldn’t remember he felt or thought he should do something for his daughter and that was his way.  I think back then a little bit the old John was trying to come out.  Plus he loved Claire and had a bond with her.

    I think with Shawn and Belle leaving it was Shawn trying to get back happy times and remembering when he and his parents were on that boat.  He needed time with Belle and Claire alone without the influences of Phillip who was always there.  At least that’s my opinion.  Not to mention he was always impulsive and this was one of the most impulsive things he’s ever done.  Like father like son.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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