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    This pertains to Dupree/Horton: With Allie being in her brother’s shoes. Meaning, being bisexual is very new to Allie, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to new to Allie the way it was with Will. He still slept with Gabi to produce Ari. I know that Allie isn’t capable of impregnating Chanel, I get that, but what I’m getting at is that what happens if she ends up cheating on Chanel with another bi female & Chanel is shattered, yet again, why put Chanel in that position once before.

    This pertains to Johnny: I get that Chanel had no clue that Satan was in Johnny. She did end up forgiving him for it when she had learned of it when he was rescued from the mausoleum thanks to his dad. So if she can forgive him when they were both in the hospital when EJ took him there, why was there no need for them to start fresh & fall for each other & stay married to each other? I kind of doubt that at that time, that Allie would sacrifice herself to save her brother from Satan, now was there?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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