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     This is bugging the holy heck outta me….

    How could Dr. Baker be from the "area" around Salem and not know Hope Williams Brady?

    After all, she is from the Horton family, was married to Larry the DA or whatever he was, has been kidnapped, killed and resurrected, she was a Princess with a different name….and is a prominent member of the infamous/famous Salem PD and married to a member of the force. Not to mention that the Brady’s are well known as well.  

    I know Dr. Baker is not from Salem but he was close enough to deliver Nicole’s baby and be a part of Salem, how could he NOT KNOW who she is?  and he is living there now….and has been for a while.

    With all the other inconsistencies on DOOL right now, I guess this is a minor glitch but it’s one that’s irritating me. After watching Monday’s show, I had to vent. He’s in love with her and wants to steal Bo’s "fortune" and run away. Puleeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Thanks for the opportunity to rant!


    I’ve lived in my area since 1965 off and on and I’m from small burg of 100,000.  I don’t know one police officer, police commander, sheriff, or FBI, CIA, Border Patrol, private investigator, bounty hunter, the Mayor and his minions, the D.A., or my local librarian – (although, I do frequent the place)…so other than knowing what Nicole did with the Sydnapping unless Doc Baker has actively participated in the local polite society of our dear Salem, his being a doctor that participates in baby-selling/switching for money (and goodness knows what else in his practice at the medical clinic he ran to make a buck) and a gambling junkie not-with-standing, I would think that he would actively avoid the constable types like the plague!  Hope seems to be his kind of lady because she is committing crimes like assault and battery and stealing and he’s profiting from it. 


     Do they watch TV? have Internet? newspaper? Salem Spectator?  I live in a town of less than 2000….so everyone knows everyone and that is true for a 100 mile radius! 


    front page in the "Spectator" when Ciera was kidnapped. Announcing to the world that she is a millionaire. (Remember the $3 million reward for finding their daughter??) We all know that Bo has way less money than Hope. Ooops, writers check the facts. I thought that was silly, they wouldn’t get far on that payday. Don’t tell me Dr.Dick doesn’t read the paper! Or even watch  the news on TV?? I like HopeaDope’s plan better anyway! JMO


     Hope lost the money in her trust fund and that she got the Cierra money from Victor.  I remember Alice telling Hope that her trust fund was gone at one point in the stories.  


    I thought the same thing.   Goody                                                      


    I remember when Bo and Hope were buying their house she wanted to use her money and they had an argument that Bo wouldn’t let her use her trust fund to support him. 

    Hope donated a huge sum of money to Autism research and it was to be done anonymously but it ended up on the front page of the news and Bo felt that was what caught the attention of Ciera’s kidnappers.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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