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    Bo is still carrying a torch for Hope. I’m not seeing evidence of their connection/chemistry. In the old days it was always clear that even when couples were separated, the viewer always knew they would reunite. Yes, he looks irritated about the possibility of Justin hoarding in on his wife, but then in the next scene Bo looks totally commited to Carly. All I see is anger about Hope being the one to initiate the divorce.
    It’s tough for me to continue to root for this pair when it looks to me like Bo isn’t as conflicted as he should be.
    Maybe it’s just the way I’m seeing it?


    fable "The Dog and the Bone"…About a dog carrying a bone across a bridge of water and looks down and see’s his reflection of himself and he thinks it’s another dog carrying a bone and he wants the other dog’s bone too – so he snaps at the other bone, dropping his bone into the water…

    Moral of that story – ‘Who all coveteth, oft he loseth all.’  OR Bo wants his cake and to eat it too…He can go on a have a life and a love, but he doesn’t want Hope to go on with her life, (even though she’s the one who instigated the separation/divorce in the first place).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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