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    Gabi lied twice: First lie, she had brought up that she had found Li that way, but there was no story at all as to why she came back to Li’s place in order to find his body that way, now was there?

    Then after Gabi, Rolf & Stefan had gotten the confession to get Li’s shares, both Gabi & Stefan used Kristen’s & Li’s shares to allow the board to throw EJ out & welcomed Stefan to assume the CEO position, she had put it out there that Li had called her to let her know that his shares were counterfeit, after Stefan was given the CEO position, if the shares were counterfeit, the board members that ousted EJ & welcomed Stefan on board, would have thrown Gabi & Stefan out by seeing that Li’s shares were counterfeit, before Li had supposedly called Gabi to tell her that his shares were counterfeit, showing that he never did call her, right?

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