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     1 – Why did Chloe & Brady kiss on the lips if they are just friends.  That seemed odd & out of place. 

    2 – I don’t care what anyone says but this actress has given Jennifer Rose new life.  I am absolutely 100% enjoying her version of Jennifer.  Right down to the fashionable outfits and nails.  Missy can stay gone AFAIC.  

    3 – I’m bored by the Charlie/Ava thing… isn’t she supposed to be a mafia princess?  C’mon now… 

    4 – Does Charlie’s glasses/no glasses play into the SL?  Did he rape Allie sans glasses which is why he wears them now?  

    5 – Finally… if Steve thinks Tripp is related to the baby but not the father then why not test yourself?  Wouldn’t his NO MATCH to the baby prove Tripp isn’t the dad?  


    Two weeks ago when Steve started to get a clue, I seriously thought he’d ask Kayla to do a DNA test on him. That seemed logical, but apparently the Salem brain stops just short of logical.

    I’m still not a fan of NuJenn. I just can’t get into her. She does dress better, but that’s where it stops. I don’t see any chemistry with her and Jack. 

    I am wondering what the connection is with Charlie and the glasses. Is he some sort of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde character? When he first came in the show, he wasn’t wearing glasses, so maybe he does think the glasses will throw Allie off. 

    I totally agree about Brady and Chloe. I know that they are exes, but there’s no rule that you have to kiss anyone at midnight. Why did they think they had to? They could have just raised their glasses in a toast. You know this is totally part of the plot. 

    One thing you didn’t touch on which bothered the heck out of me was Chad and Gwen. So you think your wife is cheating, even though she isn’t in this hotel room, so you decide to cheat on her with the nanny. Give me a break! Who the hell does this! Why hasn’t he tried to call Abby? Truly the worst storyline and I can only say I’m glad Anna has a clue because no one else does. 



     The reference to the movie The Hand That Rocks the Cradle was a huge anvil.

    Something happened to Gwen’s family and she blames Abby and family


    One thing about Ava is I thought her family empire was long gone. Her father was killed from what I remember and Ava and her cousin Angelo was all that was left and she basically has always been considered a loose cannon even by her father. So again, another rewrite of history.


    Remember when Clark Kent wore glasses to disguise his Superman identity. It seemed to work on the TV show.


     I despise Chad’s and Abby’s the most.  I pretty much fast forwad, and him getting drunk and sleeping with that crazy loon Gwen just about did him in for me.  I can’t wait for Gwen’s story to be unleashed, which appears to finally be taking place, and at that point, I hope we’ll be saying goodbye once again to Chad and Abigail.  Incidentally, I do not approve of Nu-Jen and hope Missy decides to return.  Can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about the actress just does not sit well with me, and I agree, she does not appear to me to fit with Jack, especially in the romance department.  JMO!


    This whole thing with Gwen is really bothering me to the point of not being able to watch it.   you believe the nanny’s "advice" over that of your significant other? To the point of not believing the person you supposedly love?   I actually cheered when Jack and Jenn finally realized something was not right.  and I have always loved Ana and am so glad she has popped onto the scene.   Tony’s lines were classic Tony (can’t remember then though right now). 

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