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    Firstly, I made the connection yesterday… Father Matt is Ralph Waite… John Walton Sr. from The Waltons (for those of us old enough to remember!)  I loved that show…

    For once, Days got it right.  No real Catholic Priest would agree to marry Chloe and Daniel, knowing what he knows, without everyone coming clean.  That omission of Chloe’s would start the marriage off on a lie and leave an open door for annulment down the road if/when it came out.  He is right to refuse to marry them until that’s resolved.

    And this might spark some controversy too… but Carly is right too.  I don’t like how she’s trying to blackmail Chloe into confessing, but put yourself in Carly’s shoes… if someone you knew was about to marry somebody whom you knew had cheated on them, wouldn’t you feel an obligation to tell them?  That would be a tough moral decision, but I think it’s the right one.  I do think it could have been written differently, though.

    And yeah, Carly lives in a glass house, but continuing to make the same mistakes/bad choices over and over isn’t right either.  Put yourself in her shoes for a moment, given that situation, what would you do?  I think I’d be compelled to let the cat out of the bag, somehow.  I don’t think I could look the "happy couple" in the eyes knowing what I knew.

    In the end I’m wondering if it won’t be Nathan who spills the beans, either accidentally or otherwise?  He’s kind of been removed from the situation for a while, and that might be on purpose, so everyone is surprised when he’s the one who blows the lid off all that.  He doesn’t know it was Philip, does he?  I think if he did, he’d have gone to Melanie by now.  Maybe that’s how it will go down?  I don’t know – just thinking out loud.

    Sooner or later it will come out – this stuff always does.  They sure are dragging it out though.  I didn’t see when it happened (I missed some episodes for a while), but I’ve had all I can take of the nasty flashbacks.  I guess the big question will be whether Chloe and Daniel will be married or not when it comes out?  Somehow I think that on today’s show when Daniel presses Chloe, she’ll make up some other story and keep the secret a while longer.

    It’s a shame that Stephanie feels that her entire relationship with Nathan, depends on Melanie being unavailable.  I don’t think I’d be happy with a situation like that… but there are plenty of women like that, who will settle.



    how this plays out if Nathan is the one who outs Chloe and Phillip inadvertently or otherwise…and you are correct – an affair always has a way of surfacing…it may take months or years but sooner or later…

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