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    To me having DVD’s Joe Bell in the same squadron with Tobin’s Yo Ling was the Jumping The Shark move for Days. Because Tobin’s Yo wasn’t even conceived yet, much less having him terrorize & wreaking havoc on the people of Salem & then have it played up that he got away with it because it turned out that he was an imposter. Like, DVL, he was created for one the Beyond Salems. There’s no way that the VL lawyer knew of Dimitri’s lifestyle, much less the VL family knowing of it before DVL had acted on it with Leo. You tell me as to how DVL knew of Frankie, Katerina & Max, given that the character was newly created & yet no story for his character to know of them. Like for instance, they had Dimitri & Megan knowing of how Andy is in a relationship with Paul, you tell me as how they knew of that relationship, then have Andy hogtied to get immunity for everything else, when the act of abduction could have gotten the immunity deal off the table, now wouldn’t it? So you tell me as to how putting the cart before the horse should be allowed in any soap, Because they created DVD’s character before Yo wreaked havoc in Salem.

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