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    Had to post in a new post due to problems in hitting "reply" key –

    All these answers are "in a nutshell" as you know how SL’s can go on and on:

    Hope is at Victor’s house because Cirra (sp) was kidnapped by one of Salem’s finest and Bo refused to pay the ransom citing Cirra’s chances of being murdered by kidnappers if they paid the ransom.  General concencus of most of us watchers is that Hope is being a real "pill" right now by not forgiving Bo – but her feelings are compounded by Carley being around.

    Apparently, Maggie is taking over Mrs. Horton’s roll of a house for any and all "newcomers" to the show – i.e., Mia, Melanie, even Carley would have moved in (even though, she’s not really a newcomer to the show), however, the two snotty brats M&M nixed that idea w/o even asking Maggie. 

    Carley’s daughter is…..(see the spoiler section for speculation) – and in a way it’s still up in the air.

    Lucas is back from rehab however, but for a couple of scenes – no where to be seen.

    Vivi as usual (usual – well ten years ago) wormed her way in to Victor’s house when she returned in hopes of pay back (or perhaps reburying (?) Carley for ‘killing’ Lawerence.

    Dannyboy and Carley have only spoken once or twice very briefly – so unless the writer’s haven’t told us (as usual) it’s implied that everyone knows everyones history or perhaps they don’t…no discussion between the two so far


    I wasn’t clear in my question.  I kind of knew why Hope wasn’t at home, but I didn’t understand why she would ever go to Victor’s.  Why not a family member on her side of the family?  Same with my question on Vivian, why would Victor ever take her in?  How’d she convince him to let her into his house?

    Dr Dan and Carly talked after Justin tried to convince Dan to blackball Carly’s application to University Hospital.  They said they know each other a long time, and in fact, Carly introduced Dan to his (now dead) wife Rebecca.  So that made me wonder whether either of them knew that they had Victor in common? 


     moving out of Bo’s.  I believe she told him she was going to the Salem Inn and he suggested she come stay at his place since he had lots of room and Cierra would have a huge yard to play in. Plus, he could keep them safe there.  She agreed. He then went back to Bo (later) and yelled at him for letting his wife and child leave.  

    As to Vivian, I believe she sucked up to him at a time when he liked having attention. Then, she asked and he agreed.  I think he did it more for the entertainment that she caused by annoying Kate and going against Carly.  Personally, I think Victor is having some memory issues, he’s forgotten what she can be like, lol.  


    I don’t believe that Daniel and Carly know the Victor connection yet.  They knew each other from conventions and work. 



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