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    What’s the point in throwing Will & Sonny away again, especially when they want to see if their plan works, & with how Will showed up at the hospital to face Marlena’s career ending & Sonny seeing his step-mother in the all-together, & then putting this plan with Abigail & Chad into motion & wanting to see if it succeeds, they throw them away yet again, is hugely questionable, don’t you think?

    It was brought up by Kate when she showed at DiMera Enterprises by telling Gabi that she had breakfast with Will & Ari before he took her back to Phoenix.

    Don’t you think it’s hugely suspect that Will doesn’t say goodbye to Marlena & or Sonny saying goodbye to his father & yet again, they throw Bonnie & Justin away, given the backlash with how long they weren’t seen until Sonny showed up to see Bonnie in the all-together?

    Then they put it out there that week of March 7th, Nicole runs into Eric & that was never seen, was it?

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