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    Why is ChloRady are so willing to allow the Hortons, the Kiriakis’ & the DeMira’s to bury Will & Sonny by allowing them to interfere with Craig’s love life if they are putting into motion to allow Satan to possess Leo?

    Brady knows very well of what can go wrong can, meaning, bringing it up to John about Kristen taking it out on KayTeve, but he doesn’t see the fallout of what would happen to Will & Sonny when what can go wrong can, may mean that Justin buries his son & Marlena buries her grandson?


    I didn’t know Satan was going to jump into Leo. Where did you hear that?


    It is a spoiler: I had read somewhere that when they exorcise Johnny, that Satan jumps into Leo.

    Remember, they did play up of Brady’s remorse in getting Steve & Kayla being held against there will by Kristen & then Brady & Chloe bring in The Dynamic Duo to get involved with Craig’s love life.

    All I’m getting at is with bringing up of what Kristen did to Steve & Kayla because Brady had Steve to go looking for Kristen, that he thinks that The Ambiguously Gay Duo won’t suffer what can wrong can?


    I am tired of the possession story…..enough already


    With in the episode on March 11, 2022, Leo had seen The Ambiguously Gay Duo at the motel, then he shows up at the bar to see ChloRady & puts it together that it was a set up for Gomez Addams Kiriakis & a bearded lumberjack to get to Craig. So when Leo learns of it, he sees what’s coming.

    So is it wise for Gomez Addams Kiriakis to know of an idea to really get Craig to see Leo for who he is, if there’s a chance that Leo might be onto it & see it coming?

    What happens if the Fab Four keep at it & at it & at it, that what they dish out, that the opposite would happen.

    Meaning, what happens when Craig & leo end marrying each other all because of how much the Fab Four keps at of what they are doing?

    Think about it: With Leo being a pro, once the foursome ends up supporting the whole relationship & be all for it, Craig dumps Leo, don’t you think?

    Because the last thing that Will & Sonny should be doing is taking it out on Leo, that may have Leo to have power over them & do worse to them?, or what they are doing is to have Leo to show to Craig that the fab four were right about Leo?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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