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    A couple of folds, I hope someone can handle them.

    1: With Maggie being Brady’s sponsor, with Victor being Brady’s grandfather, Tate is Victor’s great-grandson, she may have been there for Holly, given that Daniel was her son, but still, why wasn’t she in the story with Brady & Tate?

    2: If Holly & Nicole are accepted into the Italian facility for Holly’s health status, such as it is, does that mean that the child that Eric & Sloan has is EJ’s, think about it, if the child is Eric’s, you don’t throw away mother & daughter to Italy, now is there?

    3: I can’t see as to how Martin Mann is done at Days, given what happens when the month in a facility wraps up very quickly, what then?

    4: what’s with getting rid of Days’ intro, the one that Carey’s Tom’s voice is heard?


    Good point on #1. #2, I have heard that Holly is going to be off set for about a month, but nothing about Nicole. I’m guessing that there will be a reason why Nicole can not go and be with Holly. Otherwise, you are right, what happens to this storyline if Nicole is gone? #3 who is Martin Mann? #4, I usually skip the intro, but I think I heard Marlena do it on the last Beyond Salem. I don’t know what’s going on now.


    Can you really see with how Zuker hits it out of the ballpark with this story & what she has shown, do you really think that with how she had hit it out of the ballpark, hell hath no fury when it comes to being a mom, there’s no story that would prevent a mom to be with her daughter, no matter what? Jamie Martin Mann is the actor who plays Tate. Don’t you think that it’s very telling that they are refusing to allow Carey’s voice for the intro to the show, given that without Tom & Alice, would there be a show, & you tell me as to how Hall’s Marlena outranks Carey’s Tom?


    I’ll be disappointed if Nicole is off camera for a month while she is with Holly in Italy. That just drags out the baby story which needs to end soon with Jude getting returned to his mother.

    Is there a rumor or confirmation that the Days opening won’t have MacDonald Carey’s voice anymore? I haven’t read anything about it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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