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    Evan: If he’s the daddy. then why have Jan to make him disappear?

    I can’t see Jan being stupid enough to allow Evan anywhere her child, given how she always wanted Shawn & wanting him to keep the child, don’t you think?

    This is exactly what we had seen the two years that Will was presumed dead for. We saw lost in the Aegean, Jungle Madness, the drugging of the Bicentennial party that led Sonny to be arrested for Deimos’ murder, look where the ratings ended up because of it & all because Massey told the wrong people that he wanted to focus on his education, which led to Will’s murder, with all the backlash, they had to reverse it & they did, didn’t they?

    MM: Look where they went when MM put it out there that she told the wrong people she wanted to play mommy in life. Thomas’ having a meltdown in front of a yelling daddy, who thought it was okay to yell at him while he was having meltdown. That’s uncalled for, don’t you think?

    Leo: His newly found wealth with the jewels he had taken. He freaked when he learned that Lucas’ paring knife wasn’t the murder weapon & him remembering it is still in his ownership & you still want to tell me that the national debt of people on here still thinks that Leo didn’t murder Abby? Given that we did him crossing a name off his hit list. Remember, when Will & Sonny had put it in motion for Chad to seduce Leo, Abs agreed to help with it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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