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    Alex: He won’t get the position of CEO. He allowed Leo to show the file to Sloan for her to steal. Remember, he stole the file before Sloan had seen it in the new Governor’s safe.

    Philip: It won’t be him. Remember, it’s public record as to what he had done to Brady. Yes, Kate & Victor rescinded declaring Philip dead, so the charges against Brady was dropped because there was no body. Remember, once Philip shows up he would be arrested because he was the one who put his faked murder into play.

    I can see Sonny getting the title. So to explain Tinker’s leaving, he runs Titan off-screen, so we the viewers won’t see his Sonny, now would we? But, remember, it was Will who had brought up that he & Ari were homesick & wanting to come back. So does that mean that Ari, Sonny & Will are going to be re-casted so Massey can focus on his Atlanta job & the re-casted actors can play the roles?

    Is there anyone that sees this being in play?

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