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    I know we have had to suspend our belief in all manner of scenarios.   The possession storyline, the Gemini twins, micro chips, people being buried alive….the list goes on, but anyone with eyes could see Ciara wasn’t  in that car when it exploded.  There was no point where there appeared to be another person in the car.  Between Ben overacting and Hope underacting the whole thing just fell flat for me.  How about you get forensics in to see if there’s a body in the car?   Who just assumes she’s dead???   The writing is beyond lazy.   This show is just sucking to high heaven.   I’m finding it hard to believe it’s not intentional at this point.  So over it.


     If she was in the car when it exploded & burst into flames, nobody could have saved her & there would be a body inside.  She wouldn’t just be  incinerated to nothing.


     Wouldn’t the ring have melted in the fire?


    Who the hell decides a person is dead because they find wedding rings? How about clothing, a body, something with some DNA on it or in it.  

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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