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    So Monday’s show was preempted by snow coverage in my area so I just caught the show on Soapnet.  Here are my thoughts:


    I loved that we still had a tree at Alice’s house.  I thought the best scene in the show was the talk between Maggie and Julie about Mickey and dating again.  Very realistic and heartfelt.  Beautifully done by these vets as usual.

    In the hospital when Kate and Stefano saw each other, I thought I saw a spark of a chance of them reuniting, I sooooo hope this is true!

    Loved Rafe visiting Johnny as Santa, so cute and sweet.


    Not enough Christmas!  Very little time spent with the Hortons and too much time with the various children as pawns storylines!  Bah humbug!

    No sign of Bo and Hope!  It’s freakin Chistmas and they are the last remaining supercouple!  Couldn’t we have at least had them bonding in the cabin with some flashbacks of Christmas’s past?  Cheap and easy and it would have made me so happy!  They totally dropped the ball on this one.

    No decent use of returning vets, Kayla, Jennifer and Adrianne!  Give them a story with some meat already!


    While I did enjoy the episode I really think they could have done better.  I must admit I am not surprised.


    I thought there would be something doing with them by now. Otherwise, why bring them back?


    Has Justin even been on since Hope’s been in prison? 


    Nope.  Not that I recall.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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