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    Soooo it seems Stephanie learns a scandalous secret…apparently about Chloe’s baby so I guess we all know what that means.  Now we have to spend the next 6 months listening to Chloe beg Carly not to tell and CArly explaining why she has to and then being interupted every time she tries to tell Daniel.  BORING.

    Accoriding to days cafe. Linke below



    in Days of Our Lives for sure!


    I know it probably doesn’t make for a good soap story to have the baby’s daddy actually be the right guy for once, but I SOOOO hoped this would be the exception.  I swear, it’s about the worst storyline going right now.  ZERO interest in seeing another single stupid conversation between Phillip and Chloe or Carly and Chloe or, well, you get the picture.  Why in the world does Chloe feel the need to contact Phillip as soon as Daniel’s out of the apartment?  It’s ridiculous!  I refuse to watch anyone more of this nonsense.


     and moving on.  But, Stephanie wants Chloe’s baby’s to be Daniels, not Phil’s so she could pull a Sami.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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