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    At this point I’m starting to sway toward Viv’s side. Carly loves to talk a good and noble game but she sure ain’t walking the walk.
    Like telling Bo early on she needed to move out, but gee, Bo convinced her to stay for her own “safety.” Then always saying she didn’t want to come between him and Hope, but doing exactly that. And apparently not feeling guilty enough about wedging herself between a family to get da heck outta the Brady home where she doesn’t beling.
    Plus spilling her romantic guts to him.
    Then telling him today “this has to end.” Right.
    Am I supposed to be sympathetic?


    She is so out to get Bo back


    to do no harm?   That is a joke; look at Lawrence and look at the marriage of Bo and Hope.  She does harm everywhere she goes.


    Bos Mom

    My daughter says–can’t she be buried alive again!!!


    I think Crystal Chappell is a wonderful actress, however I do not like how she has been brought in to break up Bo and Hope.  And Bo, well he is just another character that is getting on my nerves.  Carly has such a sob story, but I am sick of it already.  Couldn’t they give her another love interest?????  I am just totally frustrated with this story right now!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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