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     How much longer must we endure her.  I almost threw up on my remote today watching her and Bo.  She can’t be much of a doctor, when she is continually leaving the hospital and showing up at the Pub, the pier, Bo’s house.  Bo’s back to making that facial expression with his mouth when he gets on the defensive. 

    In the comments on the other posts about Melanie and Chloe and their hair and clothing –  Carly should win the prize for the tacky way she dresses and her lack of a decent hairstyle.  She just doesn’t fit the role of a doctor.


    Does Carly’s wardrobe on DOOL equate to how she was dressed on her previous employment gig (I never watched whatever soap program that was her previous job)?  Chrystal is a big boned girl and, IMO, cute clothes come in smaller sizes… a size 2-4-6 garment just doesn’t look the same when sewed for a size 12-14-16.  :(

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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