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    When Brady was in the Brady Pub, he brought up let there peace & harmony. Harmony was where Eric Martsolf had played Ethan Crane, so with there being a need for Brady to play that up & where he played Ethan Crane, then there’s a need for both father & son to be Days’ equivalent to Lucas & Will, because remember, when Tate had discovered the narcotics, he hid them with his foot, & then he put it on himself & then showed it to daddy, the exact same way Nick who had planted spyware on Will’s knapsack to get Will to confess to what he did to EJ, so explain as to why Brady in prison the way Lucas was for Will, no matter as to why it failed to put Brady in prison, when there’s a need to play up what happened with Horton dad & Horton son is now putting it out there by father & son Black?

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