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    He is SUCH an IDIOT!!!!!!!!! And I’m sorry, but Nicole is NOT looking well these days………

    why why why? I LOVED Brady and Chloe together………

    Nicole????? this whole obsession with her makes me crazy. It’s so out of left field.

    Why oh why oh why do they have to go there with them?

    I loved ethan and theresa on passions—-I’d like to see a "tension" story line between brady and arianna and get Nicole out of the picture!

    Carol J

    There was a lot of chemistry between these two today. It’s seems to be a love/hate thing going on.


    she is such a spider…Brady ~ if you go with her again – you deserve what you get!


    with so many mix n match couples based on instant lust and nothing deeper, I find I can’t detect much chemistry nor is it hard to care. How can viewers invest in any couple when Days decides to yank them apart before they even get settled?
    The first order of biz would be to cut Stephanie altogther. I find her not interesting. And what is Ari’s sister doing on this show? She’s a non-entity and a waste of space/time.
    I too liked Brady and Chloe initially and their duets added to the charm. Days needs some lightening up and fun – everything is so dour lately.


    Agree.  They can still have mystery, intrigue and suspense with individual characters and not between the couples where it splits them apart.  Why have all the affairs?  Go back to the days when the people were involved in things together.  Bo and Alice trying to get Bo out of jail.  Hope and Bo on a case together and actually working together.  When Jack and Jen were on that island and had that love scene in the cave.  All of them working together to get out of a jam.  Even though I didn’t like the Ava story when she had the held captive to see the characters all working together to get free was great.  I liked the plane crash when everyone worked together.   When Belle and Shawn were on the run with Claire and Bo and Hope, Nick and Chelsea were helping them.  Even Steve got involved in that one.  Those storylines didn’t tear couples apart but they were interesting.  They just ran them out a bit too long.  




     Victor and Maggie.  That is one couple I would have liked to see them slowly explore.  Get rid of Vivian and let’s see what could happen between Maggie and Victor.   I know she just lost Mickey but for me, he’s been gone for years!  When was the last time we saw more than a picture of him? 

    Even though I don’t want EJ to ruin any woman’s life, I see some chemistry between him and Arianna and he certainly had it with Nicole.  

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