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    Don’t get me started on this show. This was also badly done. They had Steve & Kayla what looked like to have New Years’ with their children in Seattle. They they think that we care about Paul’s love life with Donovan Jr., they had Paul coming out to his mom & his grandfather that Will had helped Paul with & they had played up Will coming out to his parents on the NBC show, Justin bringing up that Sonny came out at 15 to his folks & they refuse to allow Donovan Jr. to come out to his parents ??????WTF

    Then when GOD HERSELF reverses Bo’s death, they still thought it was a wise move that Bo’s daddy, Viccy-boy to have no clue of it all & also to refuse to allow Doug & Julie to know that Bo’s alive & well.

    Then they have Beyond Salem 2 to turn into Three’s Company, meaning, having it syndicated, that’s a wise move?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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