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    I don’t like where the storyline between Belle and E.J. seems to be heading. Someone needs to tell Belle that sleeping with or lusting after your sister’s ex is just not cool, man. No way, for no reason. The exes of siblings and best friends should forever be off limits as potential partners. Belle might think that Sami deserves what she gets, but she needs to look at mistakes she has made herself, not to mention her attitude of moral superiority she has most of the time.


    Then there’s this: isn’t it very odd that with how Shawn is putting his baby first, that is if the kid is his or not, he’s still putting the child first, that all Belle is caring about is who’s carrying the child, especially with how she was there for Shawn for when the baby was just delivered just a few days ago? With how she feels for Jan, she doesn’t make it about her & that she was willing to be there for Shawn, when she has been harping every 5 seconds about who’s carrying the child? She keeps going back & forth, back & forth, don’t you think?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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