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    I watched all last week and absolutely loved watching Gwen and Leo go down. However, Friday was the start of seeing Alliedevil again so I skipped it. I have begun reading the synopsis of the show and then deciding if I want to watch my recorded show. I haven’t watched one episode this week. I truly hope the devil storyline ends soon, because I cannot bear it any longer.

    I also am not invested in the Belle, Shawn, Jan, and EJ storyline that is developing. Belle is an idiot! She knowingly and willingly slept with Phillip and obviously hid that and lied to Shawn, and he forgave her. He thought he was in bed with Belle, because of the devil, and Belle can’t forgive him? Absolutely ridiculous and I’m not wasting an hour of my day to watch this train wreck.


    Sadly I have had the same feelings. I have been watching since 1966. But now Days has become a ridiculous cartoon that I mostly have no interest in. I love Ben and Ciara and Shawn and Belle, Marlena and John, Steve and Kayla, even Chad and Abby but these writers have virtually destroyed all of them. I always feel sorry for the actors when they talk about the Devil as if this is a real person. Regardless, I too read the synopsis first and then have the pleasure of ff’ding through the parts and characters I despise. There are so many these days so the show lasts about 20 minutes. I truly wish they would get rid of this writing team and find someone else. But Ken Corday must enjoy the storylines and probably thinks this junk will bring in new viewers. I don’t agree when I read comments from my Facebook groups. Everyone hates it. Well maybe good times are coming this summer when the Devil story is over. And of course I cannot wait for the new Beyond Salem in July.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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