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     ‘mother’ Sydney?   I do think Nicole/EJ have good chemistry together.  I’d also love to see Brady dump her after he finds out what she did to his sister even if he doesn’t always support Sami, I think he’ll be very angry with her.  Then where will she live?   


     I absolutely LOVED EJ and Nicole yesterday!  They were great!  I’m hoping that EJ falls back in love with Nicole after seeing how much she truly loves Sydney.  and yes I agree once Brady finds out Nicole helped EJ take Sydney and Johnny away that it will be the end of her and Brady.  She hasnt even thought about Brady since she started all this.  I think he’ll find out when they have to take Johnny to the hospital.  I’m still wondering what’s going to happen to Johnny, has anyone read anything about that? 


     perhaps he has an accident during the New Year’s Eve fireworks display.  Oh, what a wonderful new year it would be if, when Johnny is injured, he needs some sort of test that will prove he’s not E.J.’s son, but Lucas, cause nothing matters to the DiMera father more than the son, who can continue the name as well as the sins of the father.  That would fulfill my dreams for this to be true.


    writers have that in mind!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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