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    I have been gone for a couple of years so am way behind on things.  Does anyone know how Frances Reid is?  I hope she is well.  Last time I saw her she was looking very feeble but I pray that she is okay.  She is one great lady and one of the people that made Days the great show that it is.

    Hopefully, we will see her around Christmas.





    It’s been at least two Christmas’s or so ago that I remember (and my memory is not good) seeing Alice Horton at the Christmas tree ornament party…I think for the past few years they’ve written the story line that she’s been up stairs resting.  Not sure how Frances is doing, last I read on a web site, her health was frail, but her BD is 12/09/09 – I think she’ll be about 94 or 95 this year.  Wonderful actress!


    Frances will be 95 on December 9. Bill & Susan Hayes recently stated that they visit her sometimes at her assisted living facility, and she’s doing as well as can be expected at 95.


    I’m afraid we’ve seen the last of Alice Horton and it just burns me that they didn’t do some kind of tribute to her on the show before she died.  Her and Mac WERE Days of our Lives.  I think it would have been very fitting to do something for Alice Horton while she could still appear.  I’ll miss her most at Christmas time.


    I’m sure her acting days are long over, but how fortunate we were to have so much valuable airtime from this actress.
    Maybe since Alice is still referred to as living in Salem, Days is waiting for a tribute when Frances passes away.
    If that isn’t the case, then shame on them. I mean Alice Horton IS Days.


    Did she die?  Bonbon I have not heard…does anyone know for sure then?


    I Just checked her out on the web and no she has not died but is suffering from ill health.  God Bless her and keep her well.  She is a great lady.




    I don’t think the Horton Christmas scene is complete without Alice.


    Alice is our grandmother — to those of us who are long time watchers. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a collage of clips that are definitely hanky worthy. A simple kleenex won’t do. Loved Alice & Tom for the people they were as characters and Frances & Macdonald as the people they were in their personal character. Life moves too fast!

    Personally, I think it would be too sad to know that Frances suffers from an ailment that stole her spunk!!


    Frances Reid is very frail, and has a great deal of trouble with her memory. Days was hoping that perhaps she might be able to be on the Christmas show, with no lines, just sitting in the chair, but that was not possible, so I understand.

    Count ourselves blessed that we have the memories we do of Alice & Tom Horton at Christmas.

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