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    Tuesday 3 May 2022
    Jennifer is horrified when Abigail reveals what Gwen whispered to her at the wedding.
    Xander pressures Gwen to do the right thing.
    Leo vows revenge on Chad and Sonny.
    Nancy comforts a heartbroken Craig.

    Days begins with Sonny and Chad eating breakfast in Chad’s living room and Sonny wants to hear all about Leo’s downfall. He wishes he could have seen his face. Leo walks in and says the face looked like this – ready to kill.

    A sad Craig yells go away at the knock on the door. It’s Nancy. He asks if she is there for her I told you so moment. Xander comes to see Maggie who is just thrilled to see him

    Maggie says Sarah is settling in to the clinic. She asks why Xander isn’t on his honeymoon? He says there wasn’t one because there was no wedding. Gwen’s handcuffed in the interrogation room remember being happy with Xander before the wedding

    Jack comes to see Gwen. Jen tells Shawn on the phone thanks and they’ll pray Ciara is found soon. Jen tells Abby the world has gone mad. Abby says maybe it’s a bad time she she remembers what Gwen whispered in her we about killing Laura

    Maggie asks honey are you all right? What happened? X says he couldn’t go thru with it, he found out things he didn’t know about Gwen – it’s about Sarah

    Gwen is surprised to see Jack. He says it was Jennifer’s idea. Gwen can’t imagine was last night was like for Jack or Xander

    Jack says he forgave her over and over. Gwen knows, and she threw it back in his face. Jack meant it when he said he was done with her but Jen knows he can’t pull it off, she is his daughter

    Jack says what – the devil made you do it? Gwen says in a way, yes

    Leo said Sonny didn’t have the nerve to face him and was hiding in the fruit cellar. That’s offensive

    Sonny had a work call that’s why he missed the wedding. Leo says obviously Sonny wants him back that’s why he’s doing all this

    Craig is telling Nancy go ahead rub it in. She says that’s not why she’s there. She’s there to say she’s sorry

    Gwen says sitting in a cell, if she closed her eyes she could see Xander staring at her disgusted and Jack looking at her with repulsion so she didn’t close her eyes. She wonders how she got to this point

    Gwen is still talking.

    Sonny laughs wants Leo back? That’s like wanting IBS back. Leo says Sonny is not his type and he’s had in bed. Sonny says that’s not true he remembers the moaning and screaming and Leo says he faked it all

    Nancy says she knows what’s it’s like to ignore the evidence right in front of her eyes. It happened to her and now it happened to her best friend

    Maggie says Xander left Sarah behind as soon as he found out she wasn’t herself. Then she apologizes

    Maggie thinks there’s a chance the real antidote would work. She wants to call Kayla but he says he asked Chad to call Rolf but he’s in solitary confinement

    Jack is ranting that breaking Kristen out of prison carries a hefty fine. Gwen murmurs so does murder and Jack snaps what are you talking about? Abby tells Jen was Gwen said

    Leo says he only went after Sonny for money. Sonny says yeah that’s the same reason you went after Craig. Leo says at first but then I lost him cause it’s your fault. Chad tells him he should take responsibility for his own actions.

    Sonny says leo was married anyway, why didn’t he just tell Craig the truth. Leo wonders why they care, they don’t even know Craig. He says he’s there to tell them it’s his turn for revenge

    Jen is shocked about her mother. Jack demands to know what Gwen meant about murder and she covers she was talking about the medicine she switched for Sarah. She knows Jack wishes she never existed. We certainly do.

    Gwen says Xander is the only man she’s ever loved but she’s not the only woman Xander’s ever loved or even loved best. She asks if he knows how that feels. Jack nods he does

    Gwen complains that Xander left her hanging for weeks waiting to see if Sarah would recover and something inside her hardened

    Gwen knows it’s her fault she lost Xander and she doesn’t know how she can live with herself. Xander opens the door

    Gwen is excited to see Xander and he says it’s not a romantic rendezvous. She says let me have it. He says he just has a question- what did she do with the real antidote. Gwen says right, it’s about Sarah

    X says he’s giving her a chance to be a decent human being. She says something snotty and Jack says don’t do this! She says she still has the syringe and X asks what he has to do to get it

    Abby still isn’t sure if what Gwen said is true. I skipped a Craig Nancy scene before but it’s her being there for him and telling him he deserves to be happy. He says so does Nancy and asks about her meeting someone.

    Nancy says they were supposed to go out to dinner last night but the guy blew her off. She takes his hands and says ain’t we a pair

    Leo says they will rue the day they crossed him as Sonny and Chad laugh. Leo says “apres moi….le deluge”. [after me the flood] Sonny asks what the hell was that? (Hope they remember Sonny speaks French)

    Abby doesn’t know what to believe. Jack says just tell him but Gwen says isn’t it interesting you said what do I have to do to get the antidote. “You don’t think there’s one good bone in my body do you” Gwen agrees and knows what she wants – she wants Xander back

    Sonny imitates Leo and Chad translates “after me the déluge”. Sonny says as threats go its a good one. Chad says great and Sonny says come on. He’s not the king of France – he’s Leo

    Chad says now we have Leo going after us and not leaving town. There’s an alert on the iPad and Sonny smiles do you have this set to news alerts about you? There’s a new one

    Nancy asks Craig if he’s sure it’s over between him and Leo. Craig says he was going to swindle me out of everything I own. Nancy says he brought you out of the closet. Leo really got to him

    Nancy wonders if Leo is telling the truth. I hate when they have characters do this flip flop

    Nancy knows what it’s like to get to know him and finding out what a great man he is and that leads to falling in love. Leo is a the door

    Sonny says brace yourself – there’s an article about Chad with a pic of him in drag and the headline Chad DiMera’s secret life.

    Leo wants to talk to Craig alone and Nancy asks Craig? He thanks her for coming but says he wants to talk to Leo alone. She leaves. He asks Leo what the hell he wants

    Xander gets back to Maggie with the antidote. Maggie says thank god and x said we can save Sarah

    Jack tells Gwen she did the right thing. She wonders if it will work? Jack doesn’t know. Gwen hopes it does work, truly. She doesn’t expect Jack to believe her but she is sorry for what she did to Sarah

    Jen and Abby come in and Jen asks if she is sorry that she murdered her mother? End

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