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 shows as NBC doesn’t have any other soaps left to do crossovers with. Passions was cancelled due to high costs and low ratings (at least lower than a game show/talk show- they replaced it with a 4th? or 3rd hour of the Today show).   Another thing: the Lopez family had 2 daughters and 2 sons (Galen’s Luis had an older brother- Antonion and the youngest daughter was Paloma with a single mother [her husband left her for the rich wife of one of core families].  A crossover with Days would have been great but since they were owned by two different companies, it never happened.  Days is owned by Corday and Sony and Passions was owned by NBC and James Reilly.  The funny thing was Passions was clearly set in New England (up the coast from Salem, MA).   Tabitha, the witch, had left Salem because of their past treatment of witches.  It was originally a show with a lot of humor and a good mix of the supernatural but the last two years things went too a very dark, weird/gross side.  I hung in to the end and basically Reilly scr*wed the long term fans who had been supporting the Sheridan/Luis (Rafe’s character) pairing.   Ethan (Brady) and Theresa (Ari) got their happily ever after.   Well, probably gave you more than you wanted to know.