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and get back with Sami; otherwise, why would he be so jealous of Rafe?  If he didn’t care anything at all about Sami, he wouldn’t go completely ballistic every time Rafe walks in the same room that he’s in with Sami.  I still think he’s playing Sami where Rafe is concerned.  After all, he will always be able to go back and tell Rafe that Sami knew all along that they received these notes from the kidnapper, and that he even suggested perhaps they should tell Rafe about it now that he is reinstated in the FBI, when all along that’s exactly what he’s counting on her NOT doing.  Now, he will always be able to hold that over her head whenever he wants her to go along with whatever he wants.  He’s a true piece of work, I’ll say that for him, but I don’t mean it in a very flattering way.