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but, seriously, Sami and E.J.’s past????  Would you like to take a little trip down Nicole’s road to hell????  Or, maybe we should have had Chloe in the courtroom and remind Brady how Nicole tried to disfigure her with a "flesh-eating bacteria" that she was more than willing to plan into Chloe.  Now, I do feel hopeful for Nicole in the future, because she will undoubtedly come back and be redeemed, just like they did with Sami, who I have to admit, I really am starting to care much more for than in the past.  But let’s not get carried away with Nicole’s innocence in all of this?  The woman did a horrible, deceitful injustice, not just to Sami and E.J. (although I’m much less sympathetic to him), but to Mia and Chad and Brady (whom she used pathetically), but, even more egregious to me is what she was willing to stand back and allow two innocent babies to have been the greatest victims of her crime.  No, I will not allow my pity for her now to supersede what she has done.  Even Sami has gone to jail for her crimes in the past and almost was put to death at one point for a murder she did not even commit.  Can we say the same for E.J. or for Nicole, for that matter?  She spent some time in jail for Trent’s murder when she was a suspect for, oh, how long, 3 or 4 hours.  That’s the trouble with soaps; everyone compares who did what to whom, and she did it, too, so what makes her/him any better than so and so.  Well, I say in this particular instance, it’s time to pay the piper.  Sorry!