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Hope and Justin are going to "come together" during this time, perhaps on the premise that they are helping Carly, helping Bo & Hope’s marriage, whatever; but, what’s really probably going to happen is that they will lose sight of their honorable intentions and find themselves attracted to each other.  All four of these characters are using every excuse in the book to be near the person they are trying so hard to convince themselves that they do not.  Carly does it with Bo; Bo follows her around like a lap dog trying to convince both he and her that he’s protecting her; Hope finds Justin whenever she catches Bo and Carly in a compromising situation; and Justin just sits in wait for that to happen, knowing full well that it will.  So, it is inevitable to me that the writers are going to push Bo & Hope into the arms of Carly and Justin, but just how long they’ll remain there is anybody’s guess.  Personally, I like Justin and think in the long run I’m going to feel most sorry for him in this poorly written mess.