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It seems that every time they hit a conflict anymore, this is the way it goes.  Then it’s an excuse for one or the other or both to seek "comfort" with someone else… Billie, Patrick… now Carly, Justin…

You’re right – Carly has no place with Bo now.  I wouldn’t mind her sticking around to figure out the thing with her daughter or whatever, or make a new life.  I like Crystal Chappel but I don’t want to see Carly paired with Bo right now (or possibly EVER).  I might be open to it if they finally kill off Bo and Hope as a couple, put some time and space between them all, and bring it back around the right way – but I doubt that would happen either – so I’d prefer that they ALL just go about their lives, alone for a while.

Marriage counseling is only worthwhile if both parties are willing to take the advise and put it into practice.  Both Bo and especially Hope are too set and stubborn – I can’t see Hope listening to anybody’s advice. Bo maybe, but he’d probably take exception if he was told that he had to cut off all contact with Carly – and that’s what a decent counsellor would advise.