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see E.J. and Sami together again, unless it is to discuss their children, and nothing more.  Rafe is perfect for Sami.  I have always been a LUMI fan, but now that that looks hopeless, I must say I really enjoy AS and GG together.  Rafe doesn’t have any ulterior motives, or so it seems.  E.J. doesn’t do anything for anyone unless there’s something in it for him.  JS is a great looking guy, but my opinion of E.J. is that he’s best suited to Nicole.  Hell, who knows, maybe they can redeem each other.  I just want him to leave Sami and Rafe alone.  But, truth be told,  I think that Rafe, as much as he loves Sami, and is always looking out for her, would step aside if she decided she wanted E.J. in the end.  If that were to turn out to be the case, Sami would slide right back down to the bottomless pit she crawled out of to get where she is now.  Hope that doesn’t happen.