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7 days w/o ‘lectricity – goodness!  Glad you got to catch up on the show.  It was nice that they did a Christmas with the Hortons – all though it did seem rushed!  Did I see Caroline at the party with Lucas?  Did she even have a line at the Christmas party at Bo and Hope’s house or was she just decoration like the tree? 

Yeah, it’s the next generation and I just figure they will make all the kids about the same age eventually for continuity of the show’s story lines as Sami, EJ, Maggie, Hope, Bo, etc., all get older.   Of course most of us will be in the old age home by then too  – "still yelling at the writers why they did this or did that to our favorite charactors" and Kate will be interfering with her great-grandchildrens lives at that point.