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because of the early storyline with him and Sami and the 4-letter word, I’ll be the first to admit that I hated the character.  Now, I actually am beginning to enjoy this character.  He’s in-between good and evil, sort of in that gray area, and I like that about him.  Right now, I’m looking forward to the possibility of seeing the chemistry between him and Ariana.  God knows, Brady is hopelessly in love with Nicole, and I love Lindsay Hartley and hope that her character finds love with someone who can devote himself to her and her alone, and that’s not Brady Black.  E.J. on the other hand needs to find love as well, and Sami has never been it for me as far as E.J. was concerned.  Never liked these two together, never will.  Sami can run wild over my nerves, and the only one I seem to be able to even consider liking her with right now is Rafe, because it seems he knows how to handle her.  E.J. and Sami are like oil and water, and her hatred for the DiMeras will only continue to interfere with any possible relationship between them.  So, I’m hoping they give E.J. a chance with Ari.  I think they make a good-looking couple, but I do have to agree that E.J. would have chemistry with just about any woman.  Maybe way down the road, Nicole will be written into a storyline that will make her completely redeemable and the possibility of them getting back together will always be there.  But, for now, I just can’t see that happening.