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that Hope was the unreasonable one here, and to some extent I still do.  However, Bo is not helping matters either.  He’s starting to have feelings for Carly again, and she’s making it easy for him by clinging to him with the excuse that she has no one else to turn to.  Grow up, woman, fight your own battles.  I have to ask myself, are they (Bo and Hope) worth it, or should they just come to the realization that maybe their marriage is over.  Well, I say that’s never going to happen.  These writers won’t dare divorce these two.  Anybody else, maybe…who cares…but Bo and Hope…never.  This, too, shall pass, but not before they BOTH succumb to (OMG, dare I say it?) CHEATING on each other.  Meanwhile, we’ll just have to suffer through it, along with some of the other sls that are sliding downhill at an increasing speed.