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Hahahahaha!  Maybe they should put a warning or disclaimer like they do on all those commercials on t.v. now that says:

 ‘Warning watching this show may come with side effects: You may become a life long addict to "Days" (or others) while recuperating or other daily activities – side effects include – you may miss grocery shopping and other daily errands, take a sick day from work to make sure you don’t miss the very end of a SL that has gone on for the last year, ask friends to tape the show for you as a back up in case your VCR/DVR breaks while you are on vacation, order a pizza for dinner for three days at a time, get mad at your hubby/children/parents/dog if he/they accidentally erase the show on the VCR/DVR, watcher have been known to scream and throw pillows at politicians on the t.v. who may interrupt the show for an important political speech…’ 

(Guilty! as charged)